Latitude Longitude Coordinate Format Converter

This javascript converts coordinates in one format to another. Enter the coordinate in the format which you have it in, then click the button below it to convert it to the other coordinate formats.

This calculator was developed by Brett Taylor
Adjustable rounding precision feature, and negative coordinate bug fixes by Brian Blakley

  • Latitude: North is +, South is -
  • Longitude: East is +, West is -

Rounded to places*
Lat °
Lon °

Degrees, Minutes
Rounded to places*
Lat ° "
Lon ° "
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
Rounded to places*
Lat ° " '
Lon ° " '
* Changes to the number of places for rounding will occur after the next calculation is initiated (by clicking a button)

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© 2003 Brett Taylor

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